Getting Started with Db2

This section helps you get started with Db2 quickly and easily. After completing the tutorials in this section, you will have a local Db2 server for practicing. You will also have a sample database and how to connect to this database using various client tools such as the Db2 command tool, Db2 command tool plus, and SQL Developer.

What is Db2?
Give a brief introduction to Db2 and its main features.
Install Db2
Show you step by step how to install the Db2 Developer Edition on your computer or local server.
DB2 Sample Database
Explore a Db2 sample database called books.
Create and Load the sample database
Create and load the Books sample database into the Db2 database server.
Connect to a Db2 database
Connect to a Db2 database using the Db2 command line and command line plus tools.
Use the SQL Developer tool to interact with Db2
Learn how to use the SQL Developer tool to interact with Db2 databases.
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